Welcome to Gracie Gean Chronic Pain Advocacy & Consulting

Business Consulting
We provide valuable insight into exactly what the chronic pain patients are looking for through a variety of skills such as web consulting and literature editing. We also provide support such as patient placement within our vast patient network.

Chronic Pain Advocacy
Providing a variety of advocacy services including phone support, Skype support, house calls, insurance guidance, treatment consulting, and a variety of other options. You are not alone!

Gracie Gean is a well-established advocate with a reputation for integrity and authenticity. 

What separates her from the rest is her commitment to the people she represents and her innovative style in finding ways to overcome challenges put in her path.

Gracie  Gean is fully HIPAA/HITECH CERTIFIED, so you can be completely confident that your information is safe and secure with her!

Featured Services

  • I always help patients for free!
  • Phone/Skype/Online chat support
  • House calls
  • Insurance guidance
  • Patient/provider mediation
  • Web consulting
  • Literature consulting
  • Networking within our vast network
  • Speaking engagements
  • Chronic Pain Awareness Events
  • Treatment experience consultations
  • Social Media Management

Contact Gracie TODAY if you would like to join a support group!

She has worldwide connections and can help find a comfortable space for you.

Awareness & Legislation
We are constantly striving to spread awareness of chronic pain disorders and diseases.

We are also working very hard to pass laws to recognize and protect the silently suffering community.