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•Interstitial Cystitis
•Post-Surgical Pain
•Pressure Palsy
•Shoulder Hand Syndrome


  • Interstitial Cystitis


•Peripheral Neuropathy
•Vestibular Neuritis

•Guillain Barre Syndrome
•Lyme Disease

•Brachial Neuritis
•Cancer Neuropathy
•Chemical Injury Neuropathy
•Cranial Neuritis


4 Q Deletion Syndrom
•ALS Lou Gehrig’s Disease
•Alexander Disease
•Arnold Chiari Malformation
•Bell’s Palsy
•Bloch-Sulzberger Syndrome

*HUGE Thanks to Power of Pain for gathering this info! Please visit www.powerofpain.org for further details!

•Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
•Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease
•Fabry’s Disease
•Friedreich’s Ataxia



•Neuro Muscular Dystrophy
•Optic Neuroitis
•RSD / CRPS •Sjogren’s 
•Trigeminal Neuralgia

•Diabetic Neuropathy
•Herpes Simplex

•Multiple Sclerosis


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•Behcet’s Disease
•Burning Mouth Syndrome